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Z My Valentine 2018 Winners Announced!
We have announced our Grand Prize winner voted on by our listeners and followers. Another twist this year is that we wanted to include another winner, selected at random from all of the entries submitted.
Z Morning Show Creates Commercial for Todd's Toilets [AUDIO]
It was revealed yesterday that Todd's fascination with all things bathroom-y has a possibility to transpire into a productive reality with the idea of opening a toilet shoppe, named Todd's Toilets. The key to the store's success, explains Simcox, would be the selection of high end to…
Create A Mousetrap that Really Works [VIDEO]
Wintertime is when us Mainers will notice a lot of mouse activity in our homes if they are vulnerable to outside invaders. I know I have tried countless ways to get rid of mice including cheap spring loaded mouse catchers, poison, and even high-frequency emitting sound devices.
Troops Return in Bangor With Epic Snowball Fight [VIDEO]
Though the number of troops returning home by passing through the Bangor International Airport maybe coming to a trickle, we are still honored with their presence on occasion. This time we get to see their excitement in 'snowball' fight form. Check out this video of our troops coming hom…
Children's Ice Fishing Day Sunday, Feb. 18
The Penobscot County Conservation Association invites all kids, ages toddler to 15-years-old, to get bundled up and learn how to ice fish for free in Brewer.
Kids' Summer Rock Camp to be Held in Bangor
Nonprofit organization Launchpad has partnered with the Maine Academy of Modern Music to bring a summer camp to Bangor unlike any other! Bangor will host a Summer Rock Camp for kids 11 and older and will run from July 23rd to the 27th from 9 AM - 3:30 PM. The hosting venue will be located at the n…
Saturday Snow Ride and Benefit Supper to Remember Local Firefight
The big storm today will probably lead to great snowmobile conditions this weekend! This Saturday, honor a local fire fighter while having fun and eating well at the the 2nd Annual Peter Larlee Scholarship Benefit Snowmobile Ride and Spaghetti Supper.
Shopping Online At Queen Beys
Baseball bat panties, adult onesies and hot sauce... oh, my!!! The Queen has got a shop and we all expect to see some refined merchandise being sold through her online store. Here's a few items that might surprise you.
Z107.3 Talk to Your Pet Contest [VIDEO]
Check out how I talk to my pets, Stella and Rocky, then share your video of you talking to your pets in the comments of our Facebook post on Z107.3's Facebook page. Contest ends on Monday, Feb 12th.
Kids' Social Media Guidance Class for Parents at Maine Discovery
Social media is a way for us to connect with each other in instant and perhaps more intimate ways. You know, from your own experience, that social media platforms can be inappropriate for kids, whether it be the content that they can be exposed to, the responsibility of conversations and that anyon…
Find Locations for Free Tax Prep
Make doing your taxes this year a little easier with some FREE professional and help. AARP of Maine has tons of volunteers that want to help you prepare your taxes. All volunteers are trained tax preparers and want to make the process easy so all you have to do is relax and file.
Maine Late Night Talk Show Buys Billboard in San Diego
The Nite Show with Danny Cashman, filmed and aired throughout the state of Maine, found a way to advertise for the show on a busy highway in a large city far from the quaint Bangor, Maine studios, where the show is filmed. Why? To make the dreams of a staff member of the show come true.
Tax Credits Mainers Need to Know About
Do you have your W-2s ready? Over the years, I've learned to keep a list of the tax documents I need to keep track of in order to do my taxes. I do them myself and do so online but this year a few big things came up and I found some great tax credits that I could benefit from and you could, t…