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Maine High School Choir Shared Stage With Foreigner [WATCH]
You voted and now we get to see the winning high school sing with Foreigner, finally!  It was a once in a lifetime experience by the students and here is some video of Gardiner High School Select Chorus singing I Want to Know What Love Is on the Bangor Waterfront stage with classic rock ba…
Orono PD Posts About Look Alike Officers [PIC]
Am I seeing double or is this the same person?  Is this some CGI tomfoolery by the Orono PD?
Apparently, not.  These two officers, a part of the Orono PD, are Sergeant Barrieau and Sergeant Dupuis, and they look VERY similar.  Of course it doesn't help they that they where the sam…
Imagine Dragons Plays The Bangor Waterfront
I feel pretty confident that, despite the concert season just beginning, that Imagine Dragons will be the best act that played here in Bangor for the 2018 concert season. Here's six reasons why.