It's a debate Bangor has worked on over the past few years.

'If you don't like noise, you shouldn't live in a city.' 'Complaints are genre specific.' 'If it's too loud, you're too old.' These are the phases we always hear in regards to sound complaints from concerts on the Waterfront. The subject has become a nauseating debate in Bangor, and now Portland is seeing a similar dilemma.

The Sate Pier in Portland hosted 30 shows in 2016. The shows resulted in a grand total of 45 sound complaints. 45! What?! Remember Rise Above Fest 2014? The city received 124 complaints. The following year the show accumulated 86 complaints. Even Ed Sheeran and his acoustic guitar managed to be 'too loud' for 16 people back in 2015.

Organizers for Bangor and Portland's venues have ideas as to how to reduce noise but requires more commitment from the city's on making these venues more permanent structures.

Here in Bangor the venue is fenced off, and the stage towers over the waterfront all year. So why not just go all out? Put a roof over the venue. Add permanent bathrooms. All the other stuff that make a concert experience better for the thousands who visit.

Obviously it's not just a matter of city officials saying 'go for it.' Like we said, Bangor has been working on ideas of improving the waterfront area for years. We just want to know how you feel about having the waterfront be a more permanent structure as an outdoor concert venue.