The results are in!

Should record labels be telling their artists how to look?

8% said 'Yes'

92% said 'No'

We had some great comments on the Facebook page as well:

Missey said - "Women should not have to stick thin. I thought people "listened" to music and liked artists for their singing talents. It shouldn't be about how much they way or what size jeans they wear."

Allison said - "I think Lady Gaga looked fine the way she was before. She was super hot in the video for Bad Romance because, oh, I don't know, she had the SHAPE OF A WOMAN. Let the girl be!"

Ben said - "They can tell her lots as to what they want but she doesn't have to do it. She looks fine in the pictures...any skinnier and it becomes unrealistic."

Thank you for your input! I'm with the majority on this one, Lady GaGa is a singing, rockstar, BABE!