Patrons of a Western Maine Drive-In Movie Theater are upset because the state's Attorney General has said that they can no longer smoke in their cars. Do you agree with this policy?

There are many aspects of the drive-in movie experience that people enjoy. Mom and Dad can enjoy a night out, while the kids snooze in the back. The seats are often more comfortable (and cleaner) than in many traditional theaters. You can pack your own snacks or enjoy the tasty offerings from the concession stand. And smokers don't have to miss any of the flick while they indulge in a cigarette.

But those last two advantages are changing, as Maine's Attorney General is clamping down on smoking at drive-in theaters. In a posting on the theater's Facebook page, owners said that they received a letter from the AG's office stating that, because the drive-in is licensed as an outdoor dining establishment, smoking is not permitted in any area where food may be consumed. This includes inside people's personal vehicles. The Bangor Drive-In's policies, so far, have not banned smoking, but do ask that patrons be mindful of and smoke away from others.

Now we're interested to know how you feel about the change?