You all remember school photo day, right? You'd stand in a line while your teacher handed out plastic combs that you stuck in your back pocket. 

Then you try to smile with all your classmates staring at you, and the flash goes off when you're not ready. If you look stupid, your parents might make you dress up again for retake day. Ugh.

Or maybe your mom waits at the bus stop with you and takes dozens of photos of you with your new backpack. Well, at least she didn't follow you to school ...

But now you can win prizes with those photos! Just upload your "old school" photo below and you could win a prize package including:

Here's how it will work. You send us your photos. We'll pick our favorites, and then we'll let our loyal listeners vote!

And of course, school photo day reminds us of the opening credits (below) of "Freaks and Geeks," one of the best shows on TV.

Please consult our general contest rules for details.