Blink and you will miss it, but before Adam Levine rocked the pop charts, he rocked the Peach Pit After Dark.

In 1997, Adam Levine and the guys in Maroon 5 were still struggling musicians in Los Angeles, in fact the name of the band back then was actually "Kara's Flowers"

Watching Soapnet the other day (Yes, I am LAME) I came across the episode where a then 18 year old Adam performs a song called "Soap Disco" for about a minute at Beverly Hills hottest night spot.

Of course the guys changed the name of the band to "Maroon 5" and had a massive breakthrough in 2002, with the "Songs About Jane" album.

Enjoy Donna, David and Steve in this retro clip and check out a very young Adam Levine.

Adam talks about his "90210" expierience.