Things are really starting to come together for our wedding. We have just a little over three months left to go and I'm starting to feel like I have it together ... I think!

Over the weekend I went to Dream Dress Bridal with one of my bffs/bridesmaids, Natasha. We needed to get her dress ordered that day. We spent a great deal of time going over which color to go with. One was too pink, one looked too purple, the other would be way too dark. Ahhhhhh! This is a photo example of how I felt when we first arrived.


Thank God for modern technology! We were able to send video clips via facebook messages to my bff/bridesmaid, Mary! She couldn't be there with us so this was the next best thing. Between the three of us, we decided to go with Alfred Angelo's Loves First Blush. Here I am holding up the color example with my dress!


And again ... Do you like the color? I figured a blush pink is soft, feminine and adds color to the day without being overpowering.



Here it is lined up next to some other sample colors. It's funny how different the color looks in every photo. I do think I put an Instagram filter on this one. Maybe that's it! HA! The two photos above are with #nofilter!


Now, a little about my dress. The dress I'm wearing in these photos is off the rack. I ordered the same dress in the same color and the same size! How perfect is that?! The difference is, when it comes in, I'm going to change it up! Stay tuned for the dress transformation! I'm pretty excited about it! It's amazing what a seamstress can do!!! However, my favorite part of the dress that I WON'T CHANGE is the "lashes" on the bottom. Aren't they neat?


Next up? Finding the perfect wedding nails, flowers, hair, cupcakes & wedding bling! I'm also busy Pinning away on Pinterest trying to find the perfect centerpieces and wedding favors! My friend Amber Small of Sweetest Thing Weddings is probably going to save the day in that department! She's super creative. She just has the vision! I can't wait to see some of her ideas! I sure need the help!

My other saving grace is my fabulous friend Lynda. Lynda was my web/graphic design teach in High School. She is one of the most talented people I know! She has kindly offered to help me with invitations and other signage I'll need at the wedding. I'm going with a chalkboard look for most things and she's totally bringing my ideas to life! I don't know what I would do without her! I'm sure I'll be sharing some of her work with all of you very soon!


Future Mrs. O