What a difference 10 years can make, huh?

Here are two photos of my best friend Mary and me. The one on the left was taken at school in 2003 and the one on the right was taken in April of 2013!

I'm sharing these photos not only to show you another example of "the old me" but to celebrate my bff, Mary!

My surgery is just six days away and I am starting to get pretty anxious! One of the biggest reasons why I know everything will be just fine is because Mary is coming up to spend the first couple of days with me. She's an RN and my best friend! I'm a lucky girl to have my biggest supporter by my side (with medical training to boot!)

Friends make everything better. I'm so thankful for my close friends that are on my side with this big decision. Not only am I going to need help getting around, carrying grocieres, rides for my daughter, feeding the cats, etc, but I'm going to need emotional support too. I'm so blessed to have a great "team" in place. I think that having a support system like I do is key if you're going to have a big surgery of any kind!

Speaking of friends, my friend Danielle (who is also going to help take care of me during the first week) is a photographer and told me she would take before and after photos for me. Would you guys be interested in seeing them, or do you care? It makes me nervous putting myself out there like this. I don't know how I feel about sharing progress photos, but I will if you're interested! :)