Do you and your sweetie have a quiet evening at home planned? Some dinner, comfy clothes, and a romantic movie? Sounds like the perfect Valentine's Day to me! Here are a few of my personal favorites for romantic movies.

Jim and I are big movie buffs. We love snuggling in for an evening of screen favorites. So, I thought I'd share a few suggestions for great romantic flicks, just in case you're headed to the video store later!

The American President - this is one of my all-time favorites! Michael Douglas plays the President of the United States, who falls for a lobbyist played by Annette Bening. Add in Martin Sheen and Michael J Fox as his staff members and you have an awesome cast. This movie inspired the TV show "West Wing."

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days - Kate Hudson plays a magazine writer who sets out to meet, drive crazy, and get dumped by a guy in 10 days as research for an article. But unfortunately she picks the irresistable Matthew McConaughy, who has his own agenda to keep her, no matter what!

You've Got Mail - Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks develop a romance online, without realizing that they are actually adversaries in real life.

Grosse Pointe Blank - John Cusack plays hit man Martin Blank, who goes home to Grosse Pointe, to attend his class reunion and win back the heart of the woman he loves...a local DJ played by Minnie Driver. I love this movie for the chemistry between Cusack and Driver, and for the interplay between Cusack and his rival, played by Dan Aykroyd. Great action/comedy/romance!

Pretty Woman - Great modern-day Cinderella story with Julia Roberts, Richard Gere, and Jason Alexander. I could quote this movie line for line, I love it so much!

Where the Heart Is - This is Jim's favorite romantic flick and I definitely love it too! Natalie Portman plays a teenager who rebuilds her life after being abandoned at a Walmart. The pregnant girl spends nights in the store until the birth of her baby. The movie boasts a great cast including Ashley Judd and Stockard Channing. It's a great romantic film, but I think Jim loves it mostly because he has a serious crush on Natalie Portman...haha!

That's a just a few of our faves. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's evening, watching movies with your sweetheart!