If you saw this huge castle last year, it's gonna be even bigger this year!

Over the last four seasons, the Lincoln Ice Castle in New Hampshire has exploded in popularity. So much so the the castle creators Ice Castles LLC has purchased a 60 acre plot of land to be the peppermint home of the frozen fortress.

According to NewHampshire.com, the castle will be relocated next season (2019) from Lincoln, to neighboring  North Woodstock, New Hampshire.

This year's castle features 79 turrets, archways, tunnels, a tandem ice slide and waterfalls that are lit up with colored LED lights frozen into the ice. A new addition will be a "light forest."

The Lincoln Ice Castle is located at the Hobo Scenic Railroad at 64 Railroad Street in Lincoln, New Hampshire. Google Maps says that's about four hours away from Bangor.

For more info and for tickets, visit IceCastles.com.