Are you old enough to remember VJs on MTV?

I am in the middle of reading an excellent book called "I Want My MTV", that covers the channel's golden age between 1981 and 1992.

Reminiscing about the the good ole' days when they actually played videos, got me to thinking about the original VJs.

Mark Goodman, J.J Jackson, Alan Hunter, Nina Blackwood (who now lives in Maine) and the girl everyone had a huge crush on, the super cute Martha Quinn, were original on air personalities and they have teamed up for a new book that's titled "VJ-The Unplugged Adventures of MTV's First Wave" It's out now and I plan on reading it after I am finished with my current MTV book.

Check out video of a recent "Today" show appearance and some old school video of the VJs in action during the early days and if you are a student of music and pop cutlure, like I am, you will want to pick up these books!

The girl next door and one of my first boyhood crushes...Martha Quinn