Instant Karma's gonna get ya...

Ever had someone tailgate you and wish they would get theirs? It happened.

In Tampa, Florida, a woman was being followed closely by a pick up truck, but was unable to speed up or change lanes, due to trucks in the right lane. Also, the roads were wet and slick, as you will see in the video she took with her smart phone.

The man in the truck was eventaully able to pull past and gave her the bird while doing so and that's where the tide turns. The truck slides out of control, due to the wet road and crashes on the shoulder of the road.

The driver tried to flee the scene of the accident, but since the Florida woman who he accosted took video, the cops got their man.

The lesson to be learned here? Have a little more patience when you are on the road. You never know who is watching, or filming you and karma is know.