After a dismal Red Sox season where they finished last at 69-93 and a 2-2 start for the Pats (although they looked amazing in the second half on Sunday) I am ready for my beloved Boston Celtics to return!Yes, Ray Allen is gone (traitor) but the bench is stacked and may be even better than the 07-08 championship season.

Jason Terry and Courtney Lee should more than make up for Ray Ray's absence. The new look C's are bonding overseas by playing exhibition games in Turkey and Italy and are headed for a huge showdown with the Miami Heat on opening night, October 30th!

Not even Kate Upton in a bikini in my living room could keep me away from that game ... well, maybe.  So 'til the 30th arrives, here is a picture of my man crush, the incredible Kevin Garnett! Go C's!!!!!!!