It looked like scene from the movie Project Xover the long weekend as UMaine students moved into the new apartment complex The Grove.

According to the Bangor Daily News at around 11 Saturday night police officers descended on building 12 in response to noise complaints. They found found 300 to 400 people crowded into a parking lot drinking, yelling and listening to music. The Grove's management was unable to break up the party. More officers where called in with the possibility of needing to arrest multiple people as well as concern for officer safety. Officers from Old Town, Veazie, Hampden, Maine State Police as well as Penobscot County Sheriff's Office responded. In total 20 officers broke up the party.

The next night an even larger crowd had returned to The Grove. This time police found a more resilient crowd of party-goers. After announcing on a bullhorn that if people didn't leave they were going to start making arrests the crowd moved on. Police say the party drew about 500 people Sunday night.

The only party connected arrest was 18 year old Robert Neal. Neal was told at least six times to leave the property (he was not a resident) but was found later....near the pool area. Neal was arrested and charged with criminal trespass and failure to disperse, both Class E offenses.