If you've been carefully rolling up a two-foot joint to spark up in Monument Square in celebration; not so fast.

Warnings are being issued about Portland's pot ordnance. Friday pot will officially be legal to posses by adults within city limits but bars the use of marijuana in public, near schools and parks. Portland Police however have no intention in upholding the ordnance. Portland's police chief has stated several times that Portland Police will enforce the state law (because it supersedes local ordinances) that marijuana is illegal. Some hope to see that change.

At 6:30 tonight Portland Green Independent Committee will host a meeting at City Hall in the State of Maine room. The meeting has a superstar list of attendees including Mayor Michael Brennan, City Manager Mark Rees, the American Civil Liberties Union and attorney Murrough O’Brien.

The meeting invites the public to come ask questions about the ordnance, and clear the air about what it means and how it interacts with state and federal law. City Councilor, David Marshall a member of the Portland Green Independent Committee will host the talks.

Marshall hopes to see Portland Police follow the example being set in Jackson, Michigan. Jackson also legalized recreational use of pot back in November. Police there plan on upholding their local ordnance that pot is now legal for adults. Marshall suggests Portland Police uphold state law when someone is not in compliance with the ordnance.

67% of Portland voters supported legalizing pot.