Grab six bags of chips, we're going to Portland!!

Portland voted to legalize the recreational use of marijuana yesterday. The ordnance passed 67% yes, 33% no. The new ordnance allows adults 21 and older in the city to posses up to 2.5 ounces of pot. The ordnance bans use on public transportation, public spaces and near schools and playgrounds. Landlords can also ban use on their property. The ordnance dose not set up a system of purchasing legal pot.

The ballot question was watched closely around the country. Portland will play a similar role that Denver did when a similar city ordnance helped push a statewide end to marijuana prohibition.

Portland Police say they will continue to enforce the state and federal laws banning possession of marijuana. However, marijuana has and still is low priority for them.

Portland collected 9,921votes in favor, 4,823 opposed.