The fastest growing sport in the country is planting roots in Maine! Lax for life!

After 20 years the Portland Pirates no longer call the Cumberland County Civic Center home. So who will? Possibly the Maine Moose Trax. The formation of the franchise was announced Monday, with the civic center named as home turf. Nothing is set in stone yet and some call the announcement a little premature. Matter of fact, civic center trustees indicated they had no idea the team was perusing the venue for their 12 home games. Any sports team interested in leasing the civic center needs approval from the trustees.

The United States Lacrosse League Chairman, Nick Desrosiers said in an interview that the announcement should have said the Maine Moose Trax will pursue an agreement with the civic center. The civic center is currently undergoing a $34 million renovation that should be completed by Fall of 2014.

My brother Pat and I being lacrosse nerds can't be more excited! Pat and I both played lacrosse for Morse High School years back. Recently, Pat had a red hot season playing for University of New England. Maine Moose Trax, if you need to fill goalie and attack positions...give us a ring!

The Maine Moose Trax will obviously play games indoors, which is known as Box Lacrosse. It's typically played on a hockey rink with the ice covered with five players and a goalie per-team. Outdoor lacrosse is played on a football field with more players and different required skill sets.

Portland would be the perfect home for a pro lacrosse team. Southern Maine has a rich lacrosse tradition, with many area middle and high school teams. Matter of fact, Maine now has 81 high school lacrosse teams.

The National Lacrosse League has nine teams in the U.S. and Canada, while Major League Lacrosse has eight outdoor teams across the country.