With the end of "The Walking Dead" for the season and the upcoming return of the amazing "Mad Men", I started thinking about how cable television dramas have become better than just about anything at the movies.

Vote for your favorite cable TV drama of all-time. I had a hard time picking just 5 and I left a few current and very popular ones out of my personal Top 5, so let's vote and see what you think!

Here are my 5 favorites of all time: Okay...I picked 7:)

#1 The Sopranos-I own all the dvd's and sit around like an idiot and quote lines. BEST SHOW EVER.

#2 The Wire-Forget the cop dramas you see on network television, this is the real deal.

#3 Breaking Bad-There are only eight episodes left in the entire series and I am already missing it.

#4 Six Feet Under-Great acting and story telling and it has Micheal C. Hall "Dexter" himself.

#5 Mad Men-Ahhh to be as cool as Don Draper.

#6 Deadwood-Incredible western with the most creative use of profanity I have ever heard.

#7 The Shield-Vic Mackey is one badass cop.