Two pit bulls have been quarantined at a local animal shelter after they attacked a killed a passing dog and injured its owner in Winslow.

The attack took place at 12 Lucille Avenue, as a female was walking her Boston terrier through the neighborhood, according to a Tuesday news release from the Winslow Police Department. The two pit bulls escaped from a fenced in back yard and began attacking the small dog, a Boston terrier.

The woman whose dog was being attacked tried to save her dog from the pit bulls. She suffered multiple injuries to her hands, legs and back that required her to be taken to Inland Hospital.

Danielle Jones, the owner of the pit bulls heard the screaming and ran from her house to retrieve her dogs.

The Boston terrier was taking to the Garland Road Small Animal hospital where it died.

It's the second attack involving a pit bull this week. On Monday, we reported that a pit bull in Thomaston killed a cat and injured a dog.