With everything that's going on in my personal life right now, I feel the need to clear things up.

I can't help but care what people are thinking. You are all entitled to your own opinions about my decision to have plastic surgery. I just want to make sure that you are informed. It's easy to make snap judgments about something when you don't really understand the situation.

I think people have the wrong idea about what plastic surgeons do. Sure, they do the pure cosmetic stuff all the time, but they do so much more than that. Take Dr. Branch for example. His experience and training allows him to help people in so many different ways. You already know what he's doing for me next month, but do you know about the other ways he helps people? I have two very close friends that are patients of his.

One of these ladies had breast cancer and she went to Bangor Plastic and Hand Surgery for her reconstruction following her double mastectomy. Dr. Branch continues to go the extra mile for her through this process. He has helped her feel like herself again. She is thrilled with the results of her reconstruction!

My other friend has suffered from migraines for years. She has tried everything. She has made the decision to have migraine surgery. I am so incredibly happy that she is about to enjoy life again.

You see, it's more than just looking better. It's actually more about feeling better. Dr. Branch and Dr. Harrington are going to make me FEEL BETTER in about a month. Every day between now and then feels like Christmas Eve to me.

I keep looking in the mirror and trying to imagine what my results will be like. I wan't to cry just thinking about it. Part of me wants to post before and after photos so everyone can really see the change. I'm nervous about it though. We'll see. I want all of you to know how much I appreciate the kind words through this process.