I have to give a HUGE shout out to my personal trainer, Wendy of Bangor Brewer Athletic Club for introducing me to my new favorite food product!


I'd never heard of the stuff before. HAVE YOU? It is total awesomeness in a jar! It's peanut butter but with only 45 calories per serving! Do you realize that the same serving size of the usual stuff packs about 190 calories?!?!?! Holy diet savings, Batman!

This company has removed the oil from the peanut butter and what is left is all the "good for you" stuff. You can use this stuff for so many different things. Last night, my boyfriend and I decided to follow one of Wendy's recipes and mix it with chicken, green beans, garlic, soy sauce and hot sauce.


We can't wait to try this with beef next time! I've also mixed PB2 in with my oatmeal for breakfast and vanilla yogurt for a snack. The possibilities are endless.

You can check out more recipes online HERE. They sell this stuff at BBAC as well. GET SOME, Folks!