This morning I left my house in Levant and headed across the Wing and Annis Roads to Route 2 to make my way to work in Brewer. It was about 7:45am, and I knew what awaited me as I turned left onto Route 2 to drive through the town of Hermon--a line of traffic that was obviously long, but actually shorter than I though it was going to be (above picture taken this morning). It took about 8 minutes of slow crawling to make it to the traffic light that intersects the Billing's Road. No big whoop, and no complaints from me, as I've sat in longer traffic lines elsewhere for what seemed like decades.

However, it did make me wonder as to whether the surrounding population growth--urban sprawl--will cause major problems in the future. Hermon alone has a population of about 5,500 plus people, and I applaud all those responsible for their efforts in the positive growth of the town. It's amazing, really. But other areas such as Levant, Carmel, and Newport are also growing and adding to the congestion. And now with a 2-year bridge construction project essentially squelching traffic on Union St. in Bangor, Route 2 through Hermon will only get busier.

If only we could fast forward to the 'Jetson' era where we would all fly around in those little cars...although winter travel would still be a hassle. And what do those things run on anyway?

Photo by, Warner Bros., Getty Images