A car that was parked badly (and illegally) was caught and photographed so it could serve as a lesson to other motorists by the Bangor Police Department.

You never know who might be watching these days. With cellphone and security cameras, everything you do could be recorded for prosperity. Get angry at another shopper and start a screaming match? Chances are someone's going to record it on their phone and load it onto YouTube. Drive badly? Well, you might find yourself in a Townsquare Media video.

And if you park badly, a ticket might be the least of your worries. If it's the Bangor Police, they might just take a picture of your vehicle, post it on their Facebook page, and list all the things you did wrong. And who can blame them? I mean, it's not like it was the last spot in the parking lot. Or that they had to back into the spot and so couldn't see the white lines on the pavement. Of course, there's also the lack of any disability markers that would have allowed them to park in that particular slot.

Seeing this photo reminded me of when I took pictures of a Brewer Police cruiser in the Hannaford parking lot one summer evening. I was taking the pictures because I often post stories that involve the Brewer PD, and so a picture of a cruiser would be the perfect complement to the articles. But the officer that walked out of the store and saw me snapping pictures (and people stopping to watch) immediately started questioning whether he'd parked badly and was afraid the pics would end up on Facebook. He was relieved when I explained my reasons, and we shared a good laugh.

I'm not sure the driver of this white BMW is going to be laughing, however.

UPDATE: The post has been deleted. Here's the explanation.