...Someone's kids...

We all like to wild out at shows; whether its country, rock, pop, hip-hop or EDM. Raves tend to bring out the KRAY KRAY in everyone. You dress like an escaped, color blind lunatic, drink a little drank, and 'more.' Loud music, heavy bass, bright lights and friends can make you do some nutty things...things you perhaps aren't too proud of. What if your parents saw all of those 'proud' moments? BBC Three have made those nightmares come true!

A new show called Festivals, Sex and Suspicious Parents follows young folks around massive raves with camera's, so mom and dad can keep tabs on their offspring. It's a revamped version of a three-year-old show  Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents where camera's spy on moronic children on holiday.

MTV had a show similar called Parental Control where parents picked new suitors for their child and watched the dates unfold. The show was obnoxiously over scripted and frankly sucked. The Brit's spin on these shows are far better, because they're far raunchier!

The first episode is posted above. Because overseas they don't cry or write angry letters over naughty words, the video is VERY NSFW. For real, the Brits are on a whole other level of swearing. It's AWESOME!