Paramore, who nabbed the 2013 Teen Choice Award for Choice Rock Band, took the stage at the event tonight (Aug. 11) to perform their smash 'Still Into You.'

Clearly, the TCAs are still into the Hayley Williams-fronted band, who performed with punk rock, moshy ballet dancers.

Williams, with her square-shaped, blunt red bob, wore a green checked dress and cage-like leggings. It was a cute representation of her typically quirky style.

She was flanked by those aforementioned punk rock ballet dancers, who were wearing white tights and black tutus as they danced. But there were no delicate or elegant pirouettes! These dancers rocked out and mixed moshing with moves that found them balancing on their toes.

"Thank God for music. We're so excited and blessed to do this," an understandably out-of-breath Williams said after receiving her post-performance surfboard. She took care to thank the fans that have supported the band for the past 10 years and since its inception. So essentially, she thanked the fans who are still into 'em.

Williams also threw props to the people who are just catching onto the band.

Nowhere but up for Paramore.