Photo courtesy of Orrington Resident Lauren Bishop

Michael Spencer, who was fired last week from his position as Fire Chief, has filed an appeal with the town of Orrington and is speaking out for the first time.

Residents of Orrington have come out in force in support of Fire Chief Mike Spencer after he was fired by Town Manager Paul White. Spencer had been on paid administrative leave for a week before being fired. There's been no explanation by White about the reasons behind the suspension or the dismissal.

Monday night's Town Council meeting was attended by many Orrington residents who requested an explanation from the Town Manager. Instead, the meeting started with the town's attorney explaining that it was a 'personnel matter' and so council members and White would not be answering any questions in regards to Spencer. He went on to say that the former Chief had 10 days from the date of his dismissal to appeal, at which time the Town Council would act as a 'grievance committee' and decide whether to uphold the decision.

Through all of this, Mike Spencer has been silent. Inquiries from the media have gone unanswered and his Facebook page has offered no clues as to his feelings on the subject. But today, he spoke out on Facebook, with permission from his attorney.

Spencer thanked the townspeople for their support, stating that "It's crazy" the amount of support the community has shown for his family. Signs proclaiming 'Team Chief Spencer' are popping up around town. He went on to say that he has filed an appeal of Paul White's decision with the town.

"Although I still wish to be Fire Chief," Spencer said in his Facebook post,"my concern has been the image this has made on our quiet little town and our Fire Department. Again, thank you all for your support."