The official trailer for "Carrie" was released Thursday night, and it looks as though the film won't stray too far from the 1974 novel from Bangor horror writer Stephen King.

The story is about a telekinetic girl who is pushed too far by her peers with disastrous results. The book was adapted into a film by critically-acclaimed director Brian De Palma in 1976 and now is being remade with Chloe Grace Moretz as Carrie and Julianne Moore as her troubled mother.

At New York Comic Con, director Kimberly Pierce said the new "Carrie" will have some modern twists such as social networking which is bound to make a wider appeal to a younger audience.

The film is set be released Oct. 18. Although the film is not yet rated, expect an R rating.

Before Carrie comes out, you can see Moretz in Kick-Ass 2 on Aug. 16.