You're killin' me Smalls...

Facebook is giving users the heads up that soon the most popular feature in its app is going bye, bye. In a matter of days you will no longer be able to send messages with the Facebook app. Notifications from Facebook claim the switch is because the Messenger app is 'faster and more reliable.' It may be true but there's, of course, another research based reason.

With 200 million Facebookers chatting every month, it's the social network's main feature. Earlier this year Facebook conducted studies on users in Europe. They found people respond to messages 20% faster with Messenger than the Facebook app. Users also sent more photos, videos, stickers and of course messages.

This duel app approach means you're more likely to have a Facebook owned app open on your phone. This lets the data giant to mine your phone for more info on you. Facebook apps are recording all kinds of info like your location and even when you don't have the compulsion to check your News Feed.

The content in messages sent in Messenger will also help Facebook tailor ads that you'll be interested in.

Essentially Messenger ensures you'll spend more time on Facebook, thus giving them more and more data.