Beginning Thursday, several new Maine laws will take effect. Teen drivers will be impacted the most by the changes. These new laws cover a wide range.

The law extends restrictions under the intermediate license from six months to nine months. They include no passengers with the exception of family and no driving at all between midnight and 5 a.m.

For the first two years a young driver has their license, any violation will result in an automatic 30-day suspension for the first offense. Major violations, such as DUI, will result in suspensions, a driver improvement course, community service and a $200 fee to get your license back.

And for all drivers, the fines will be increasing if caught texting and driving in Maine. The fines jumps from $100 to $250.

Hopefully these new laws will call attention to how serious distracted driving really is. You would thinkit would with all of the media attention about the dangers of texting and driving paired with a higher fine.

Here is what State Police Col. Robert Williams has to say:

"If the fine will prevent one crash or death, then the law has accomplished what it was meant to," Williams said.

"Once you obtain your license, to lose that privilege is to lose your independence," he said.

Just don't do it, friends. Kid and Breezy want to be the only people you're paying attention to when you're in the car. PUT THE PHONE DOWN! YOUR FRIENDS CAN WAIT!!!