Mr. Man on the Moon strikes again!

Kid Cudi has made good on his promise of new tuneage this month! Better last minute then never, right!? Cudi released the album at midnight on iTunes. The album is called 'Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon.' Fans were teased with album art but didn't expect the release. It looks like the un-promoted, Beyonce style, album releases are catching on. Maybe it will cut down on leaked releases?

The album features the poetic, emotional and ambient Kid Cudi style. The 'Satellite Flight' is a far cry from his previous albums. While Cudi's obscureness shines through on every album, he continues to push the boundaries of what a rap album can be. He and Dot da Genius produced the album together. The only other credited guest on the album is Raphael Saadiq, on 'Balmain Jeans.'

Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon features 10 tracks. Some call this album his best yet. I AGREE! #CudFam! My personal faves include: 'Too Bad I Have To Destroy You Now,' 'Balmain Jeans,' 'Return of the Moon Man,' and 'Troubled Boy.'

You can stream the album, here.