I wonder what this guy has planned for the honeymoon?

You gotta give it up for Matt Van Vilet and his soon to be bride, Smantha Labo, he thinks outside the box and she has a great sense of humour.

In September, they were on their way to dinner with some friends when they saw the flashing blues of the New London Police Department. Samantha pulled over and the two officers approched the vehicle. She inquired as to why she was pulled over, since she wasn't speeding and was given a rude response from the cop and began to cry.

The officers then went back to the cruiser and returned with a warrant for the arrest of Matt Van Villet. While patting him down, he found a ring box, which Matt then takes and gets down on one knee to propose to his horrified girlfriend.

Through the magic of a patrol car dashboard cam that the couple uploaded to Youtube, you can enjoy this unusual proposal. Better than being cuffed and stuffed I guess.