If you get disgusted easily, this may not be the video for you....and no one would blame you.

"My Strange Addiction" is a TLC show that finds some very odd people doing some rather bizarre things.

22 year old Keyshia, is addicted to the taste of dirty diapers, which she developed...ahem...a taste for about two years ago and since then, she estimates that she has enjoyed over 25,000 of the not so tasty treats.

Her finance is obviously not pleased with this strange obsession and is rather perturbed with her habit of leaving them everywhere, including coffee mugs. That isn't Folgers in your cup dude.

Todd ans Sabrina didn't think I could gross them out before I told them this story and if you listen to their reactoins from yesterday's show, I think I succeded!

So, if you have the stomach, check out video from the show and some other strange fetishes that people have had.