TV is sooooo much better these days then ANYTHING the movie studios are putting out. I watch so many cable dramas and comedies faithfully and I have no life, so here are a few emmy picks and a link to the Emmys website for you can check out all the nominees for yourself.

The show airs on Sunday night at 8 on ABC.  Jimmy Kimmel is the host.

Best Drama- Lots of great shows in this category, but since "Mad Men" has won four straight times, I think this should be the year "Breaking Bad" wins it.

Best Actor Drama- Now to switch things up, Byran Cranston, who is so amazing as Walter White, has won three I say this is the year Jon Hamm should win for his iconic portyal of Don Draper.

Best Comedy- I love "Curb Your Enthusiasm" but it might be a little past it's prime, same with 30 Rock "Girls" is an offbeat and funny show on HBO, but it's not very mainstream. "The Big Bang Theory" is probably the logical choice here. The cast is funny and has incredible chemistry(On a side note, I'm hoping Mayim Bialik wins for playing Amy Farrah Fowler...go Blossom!)

To check out all the nominees, go to