Mainers take a lot of pride their state!

According to a new Facebook survey completed by Movoto, an online real estate company based in San Mateo, CA, Maine ranks #4 in the nation when it comes to state pride!

What Movoto did was turn to Facebook and the U.S. Census Bureau to discover the amount of home state "likes" each state has per capita. Maine received a "value" of 36.1% which gave it a ranking of #4.

In the post from Movoto, they say "If you ever feel like questioning a Maine native’s hometown loyalty, don’t. Seriously, it’s just a bad plan. The locals here love this place so much that over 36 percent of them have Liked the state on Facebook. Do you really want to question that sort of pride"?

Ohio came in at #1, followed up by New Mexico, Alaska and then Maine.  Utah, Montana, Vermont, Colorado, Texas and then Wyoming round out the top ten.

What state was at the bottom of the heap when it comes to state pride?  That would be California.