Too many duck faces, nakedness and selfies have landed these folks the title of most annoying celebrities on Instagram.

The Huffington Post conducted a poll with 20,000 readers to see who to unfollow on Instagram.

#5 Miley Cyrus - Followers have grown tired of Miley's constant provocative posts. We get it Miley, you're not Hanna anymore.

#4 Justin Bieber - Somehow Belieber's got tired of the Biebs being under dressed and not owning pants that fit. I'm assuming the folks who voted for him are angry parents and irritated boyfriends.

#3 Amanda Bynes - Besides the occasional bizarre selfie Amanda mostly posts other peoples photos or 'inspirational' quotes.

#2 Kim Kardashian - She's the queen of selfies and a master of the duck face. Apparently followers can live without a picture of her face from every angle.

#1 Rihanna - Followers unanimously said she is showing wayyyy too much skin...constantly.