Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do?

More and more police agencies in Maine are seeing the advantages of wearable cameras. Dashboard cameras are becoming a thing of the past in recording police and citizen interactions. What's better evidence than the officer's point of view?

The wearable camera's protect both officers and the public. The camera's capture evidence against suspects and also protect the public from police misconduct.

The camera's have been a great tool in curbing domestic violence in the state. The Wilton Police Department all wear camera's, paid for by a grant for domestic violence prevention. They say in many cases the victims will change their statement they gave responding officers. By the time court rolls around they recant their statement. However, with the camera's recording every second, it's impossible to take any statement back.

The camera's are standing up to the job. They have been recording great video and audio in the rain, sleet and snow.