Ever wish your iPod knew what you wanted to hear? Well we're one step closer!

Japanese company Neurowear has begun work on head phone that will choose music for you based on your mood. The headphones have an electroencephalography-enabled-sensor, that reads your brain waves. With an iPhone app, the headphones and sensor will pick music 'from your subconscious.'

Before you get too excited critics have their doubts about the headphones. So far the headphones can only sense three moods; focused, stressed and drowsy. Another problem is the sensor needs to be pressed up against your head, which can be disrupted by hair or walking. Also they add that people don't necessarily want to listen to music that matches their mood. Some use music to change their mood.

You still have to give these guys credit, this is an extraordinary idea! Although, I'm not too sure if these headphones would want to read my twisted mind.