Henry and Alice had that slow burning fire for each other, right until the end...Henry and Alice are tortoises.

An English couple believes Henry and Alice were responsible for a fire that burned their conservatory and garage to the ground.

Alf Clayton, told the Evening Gazette, that Henry and Alice had been hibernating and woke up and were ready for some slow love, in fact Henry was so frisky that he started chasing Alice around the tortoise den...sounds familiar.

Apparently, a knocked over incubator lamp ignited the wood chips surrounding it, during Henry's amourous pursuit of his woman

Sadly, Henry and Alice both perished in the blaze. Luckily, the fire was put out before it reached the house. Alf Clayton and his wife Gayner were unharmed.

In honor of Henry and Alice, I'm posting three of my favorite slow jams to play when you are in the mood. Just be safe.