After a two  year battle with the state, a woman from Cundy's Harborhad her more than  50 exotic koi fish confiscated this past Monday.

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife sent a team of Wardens to the home of Georgette Curran. The 66 year old woman had been keeping her fish in the cellar during the winter and in an outdoor pond behind her house during the warmer months.

Wardens also took a pet squirrel and a 14 year old blue jay that couldn't fly from the home. Keeping wildlife captive is against state law.

Acting on a tip in 2012 Wardens initially visited Curran's home and presented her a court order that she must transport the koi fish out of state.  Curran appealed that order and was allowed to keep the fish until the legal process came to an end, which it did last month when the Maine Supreme Judicial Court affirmed the earlier ruling.

State officials will hold onto the fish and check them for disease before deciding what to do with them.

As for the pet squirrel and the blue jay?  State officials say that they now cannot be released back into the wild and will try to find a home for them.

According to an article in the Bangor Daily News, Curran says that she feels "violated."  “I just want my squirrel back. Every morning Tommy would be right there waiting for me to get him and snuggle him. He knows nothing else but us.”