Saving the shrimp stock will cost the 2014 season.

The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission’s Northern Shrimp Section called for a full shutdown of the shrimp season off Maine waters. The 2014 season was canceled after reports show a fully 'collapsed' shrimp population. The Northern Shrimp Advisory Board recommended a tiny 175-metric-ton catch limit, a huge drop from last year's already miniscule limit of 625 metric tons.

The Northern Shrimp Technical Committee suggested that last year's season to be canceled. The committee says that the northern shrimp stock has fully collapsed with 'little hope for recovery in the near future.' They say right now their isn't many small shrimp which indicates the critters haven't had enough time to  get friskey repopulate.

Other factors could include the warmer ocean temperature that has driven away shrimp's food, phytoplankton. Others suggest the shrimp population has simply shifted to the colder waters north and east of the Gulf of Maine.