Maine senate candidate Eric Brakey of New Gloucester is also an actor.  He's appeared in various local productions, for instance portraying Felix Unger in a production of The Odd Couple at Lewiston - Auburn's Community Theater in Auburn.

Brakey also spent time as a professional actor in New York City a few years back, and during that time filmed a television commercial for Vita Coco, a coconut drink.  In the spot he is seen dancing in Brazilian Speedos.  Brakey said the idea of the commercial was to be "Brazilian".  "It was a real fun time and I stand behind the work", Brakey said.

Some members of various religious organizations have recently tried to raise a stink about the video by sending it along to various Maine media outlets.

At a press conference Tuesday afternoon held at the Lewiston - Auburn Community Little Theater Brakey said, "If Ronald Reagan could get away with "Bedtime For Bonzo" and then become President of the Untied States, I think voters here are going to be happy seeing some of my dance moves".