Cheers! A new bill is heading the Maine Legislature.

We love our beer here in Maine. Breweries from all over the state have put Maine on the map from craft brew lovers. Some are making sure that if you buy a frosty pint of suds in the 207, you're getting what you paid for!

On wednesday The Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee voted 12-2 to back a bill aimed at cracking down on so called 'cheater pints' of beer. Some watering holes sell beer in glasses that only hold 14 ounces. The bill would require bars and restaurants that advertise a beer as a pint, to sell it in a glass that's at least 16 ounces. Democratic Sen. John Patrick is the dude behind the proposed legislation.

Maine's top liquor inspector, Gregory Mineo, told the Lewiston Sun Journal that 'the bill would be impossible to enforce.' The Maine Restaurant Association adds that the bill 'is unnecessary because of consumer protection laws.'

The bill now heads to the full House and Senate.