After Bangor was hit with a serious Bath-Salts problem, lawmakers are working to prevent similar circumstances with another synthetic drug.

'Spice' and 'K2' are commonly referred to as fake marijuana. While the name name seems innocent enough the substance is extremely dangerous. Prolonged psychosis, seizures, vomiting, panic attacks and severe hallucinations are all side effects of Spice.

The substances are designed to mimic the effects of marijuana. They are currently legal and sold in area stores. The danger is these substances are chemically altered just slightly to avoid current laws on synthetic drugs. It can be a dangerous cocktail of chemicals thrown together to get the user high.

'An Act to Prohibit Sale and Possession of Synthetic Cannabinoids' would list synthetic marijuana as a schedule Z drug. The bill targets the manufactures of the products as well as those who use the product.

Local authorities are aware of the synthetic pot. So far there have been no serious incidents involving Spice.