What did it take for a fugitive from the law to turn himself in?  Cash?  Nope.  Car full of gas?  Nope. A helicopter and safe passage to Canada?  No.

Michael Crockett Jr., 30, of Buxton who was on the run from the law came in from the woods and turned himself into the cops on the promise of receiving a pizza, a can of Dew and chocolate milk.

York County Sheriff's deputies said that he'd been living in the woods for at least a couple of days.

On April 11th, three people broke into and invaded the home of a Buxton woman.  The 60 year old woman was beaten and tied up, and the crooks then took her cash.

Last Thursday cops arrested Crockett's partners in the crime and then went looking for him.  Crockett's attorney set up a meeting on the phone between police and her client.  It was at that that point that the fugitive asked for a pizza, a Mountain Dew and some chocolate milk.

York County Sheriffs photo

The meeting between police and Crockett happened at the Maine Department of Transportation building on Cumberland Street in Cornish around 8:30 p.m. Sunday.  Michael Crockett Jr.came out of the woods with his hands in the air, he was dirty and covered with ticks and mosquito bites.

Deputies stopped on the way to the jail at a convenience store where they fulfilled part of Crockett's request, and then they also ordered a pizza.

He's being charged with robbery and assault.