A new TV show will introduce viewers across the country to eel fishing.

It's hard to believe that slimy baby eels can make someone rich in just one season. Elver eels are in such massive demand in Asia, one pound of the baby eels can fetch close to $2,000 a pound. Elver fishermen can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in one season.

'Cold River Cash' is a new show debuting on Animal Planet on January 2nd at 10PM. It was filmed last spring during Maine's Elver fishing season. Camera crews followed teams of fishermen from the Portland area to central Maine

Animal Planet's news release reads: 'The stakes are high; the rivalry is intense; and the threat of danger is constant as each team struggles to come out ahead.' No prize money was awarded to the featured fishermen. The mentioned 'stakes' are the fisherman's potential earnings for the season.

'Cold River Cash' follows three teams: The Eelinators, from Brunswick, the Grinders from Hebron and the Maineiacs from Scarborough.

The show will run eight shows this season.

Fun Fact: Producers originally were titling the show 'Eel of Fortune.' I know....kinda lame!