I'm proud to have contributed heavily to this!

Cheers Maine! A study conducted by Blowfish, a company that makes hangover remedies, found we drink the most booze! Other top states include #2 Wyoming, #3 Alaska, #4 Delaware and #5 Washington, D.C.

Mainers are also very hangover resistant! Maine ranks 42nd as the most hungover state. Vermont is the least hungover. When Mainers are hungover, 23% call out of work. Surprisingly I have yet to do this...

On the topic of hangovers, the top three hangover causing concoctions are tequila, vodka and red wine. After a night of too much tequila, (woof) waiters are most likely to come to work hungover. Real estate agents, sales people, police officers and chefs round off the top 5.

Sam Adams is Maine's favorite beer. Also digging Sammy Adams are Libertarians. Republicans are all about Bud Light, while Democrats are boozin' on Blue Moon. Maine's favorite shot is the good ol' Jagerbomb!!!! Jagerbomb's tend to make me break out....break out fences, car windows, etc.

In the U S of A, we put down 122 billion alcoholic drinks a year! Our top three drinks are beer, vodka and red wine. Ladies, you are 40% more likely to drunk-dial an ex! Guys... 50% of us have 'peed somewhere they shouldn’t have' while drinking...yep.

Cheers Maine! Keep up the good work!