A South Portland production company spreading the love of Maine made craft beer.

Our On Tap: Craft Beer Festival is getting closer! It's going to be a great evening of sipping craft brews from all around the country. Maine continues to spearhead the industry, offering up unique and dynamic tasting suds. Wouldn't it be cool if there was a TV showing off all that these breweries? You're in luck!

Nate Bowman is the owner of Bowman Productions, the company behind a new web-based TV show called Local Brew TV. The program is beautifully produced, to the caliber of any legitimate TV show.

Hosted by Portland-based actor, Matt Delamater, Local Brew TV explores the brilliant brewing styles of Maine beer makers.

Four episodes are already available for your viewing pleasure online at LocalBrew.TV. Thus far episodes feature Lewiston's Baxter Brewing, Maine Beer Company, Funky Bow Brewing in Lyman and Bissell Brothers Brewing.

Maybe we'll see Geaghan Brothers Brewery in the future!