Last week in Lincoln, a Mattanawcook Academy Student was bitten by a rabid bat by the Ella P. Burr Elementary School.

The 17-year-old female student encountered a group of younger kids looking at a bat laying on the ground. The bat looked as though it had flown into something and laid on the ground as if it were injured.  While warning the younger kids to stay away, the 17-year-old female student either touched the bat or it jumped at her. Either way she was bitten by it.

The CDC was notified and the bat was tested for rabies, the results were positive.The older student is now going through medical treatment for rabies.

School officials in the Lincoln area are in the process of contacting all parents of school children that attend both the elementary and the high school, in search of any child who came in contact with the rabid bat.  The notice sent to area parents is also posted online.