I met with Dr. Danielle Phillips at Phillips Chiropractic Acupuncture again the other day. This time I went in with serious complaints of knots in my back and shoulders.

There are probably many things that contribute to my back and neck pain, but I attribute most of it to terrible posture and walking incorrectly because of my ankle problems.

Whatever the cause, Dr. Phillips has the solution!

She introduced me to an instrument assisted soft tissue treatment. I know from the photos this LOOKS like it hurts, but it actually feels very good! She uses this VERY POWERFUL stainless steel instrument on my back while I performed certain movements. The instrument helps detect and treat scar tissue and fascial restrictions.

Her advice for after a speedy recovery following treatment? Drink LOTS AND LOTS of water and apply ice if you're a tad sore. I didn't need the ice! She's not kidding about the water though, it's such an important part of the healing process! This paired with a chiropractic adjustment, helped decrease my pain, and increased my range of motion.

This is a preferred treatment many conditions! Check out the list of below:

Plantar Fasciitis
Shoulder Pain
Elbow Pain
Wrist Pain
Finger/Toe Pain
Numbness/Tingling in Extremities
Carpal Tunnel
Auto Accidents
Neck Pain
TMJ Pain
Pain Between the Shoulder Blades
Lower Back Pain
Hip Pain
Hamstring Pain/Tightness
Quadriceps Pain/Tightness
Knee Pain