If you want to watch a romantic movie to spice up Valentine's Day tomorrow, here are a few to check out.These are my personal picks ... now let the love flow baby.

"When  Harry Met Sally"-An all time classic. Had a big crush on Meg Ryan back in the day. Charming, funny and sweet. Perfect flick.

"Casablanca"-Bogie and Ingrid Bergman. Enough said..."Here's looking at you, Kid"

"Say Anything"-One of my favorite movies growing up! John Cusack became a legend during this one.

"Some Kind Of Wonderful"-The classic scene where he ditches Lea Thompson (I dont know if I could have...she was fine)

"About Last Night"-This is one of my favortie movies ever and very underrated! When I first saw this, my huge crush I already had on Demi Moore, became an obsession...ahahaha:)